White hat Link Building Best Practices in a Post Penguin World

There are many things to learn in life, so needs time to express. In this Internet Marketing world there is some information that you can do anything with this information. I can say from my moral – for spending more time I’ve found that in this internet marketing world, today I share with you about white hat link building methods from my experience. There are many bloggers have in this world, everybody shares everything with you? I think they (senior bloggers) share only 50% taught in the online. May be there are many reason. Here I share about the best internet marketing strategies, which I and some of my friends bring a higher level through work. The word needs to be stressed that – I’m a victim, YES; if you aren’t victim you will not be able to learn the value of work.

All of the given below backlinks building techniques have either been totally discredited and will lead to penalty or give so little value they don’t seem to be worth some time Post Penguin:

  • Blog Commenting
  • Advertorials
  • Forum Signatures
  • Article Submission (Marketing)
  • Footer Links
  • Sponsor Links
  • Directories
  • Link and Resources Pages
  • Blog and Content Networks
  • Affiliate or Network Links

When the online gave opportunity to work from the others seems work on higher education. But some unscrupulous businessmen pulled the education system go down for disregard time. For this reason nowadays the education system are destructed.

White hat Link Building Best Practices in a Post Penguin World

For an example – when I was in freelancing marketplace at that time I could well graphics design, but unfortunately – most of the time I get the chance to work I’ve been deceived from this buyers, so I’ve learn SEO instead of graphics design. When I engaged I’ve learned lot of things about SEO, specially – from one of my friend, Chinese buyer & from Internet guidelines and one of my big brother.  There are lots of good things to learn by work, without work there is nothing to learn. Otherwise too difficult to SEO from my mine and it will be a big beach, I’m still small SEO guy from this side. But nowadays SEO worker took big projects from buyers, but he/she knows only forum posting, blog comments, classified ad posting and social bookmarking.  A easy keyword will be easily get top ranking in Google search engine with these postings, but how will rank a high competitor keyword? Newbie SEO worker don’t know how does Google spamming, so how can provide security by their work? In my mine a newbie SEO worker know only “Posting”, but it’s not SEO.

I can say from my experience – “If I cannot learn work from another’s so I can try myself let’s see what happen”!!!

Assume that before – if there are any mistakes so see well by correct misspellings as yourself and apologies me. I was thinking to write about Link building from many days and I wrote before, but it’s a big thing to write properly about link building.

White hat Link Building Best Practices with an increase SEO Link Building Theory

First I will discuss about white hat link building and how to increase it. For example I start with blogspot –

How to get increase backlinks from a Blogspot

Essence: Backlinks building is the most important part is from where you get backlinks what is the IP address of the site and brand.

You know surely – there are two aspects of one thing- good and bad, like backlinks building. If you want to get backlinks for your blog so surely you won’t get bad links, in this case you have to get backlinks from different IPs blogs (NB: If you get backlinks from same IP address so Google will take as blackhat SEO). I discuss for those who wake – every hosting have their own IP, you can see it yourself. For an example – Google’s IP address is, Yahoo, Bing For example- type your web browser then see what happen.

If you want to get backlinks from same IP so as a result we are going to the real experience of my own blog for which I was getting backlinks from same IP. For my mistakes few days ago I was getting backlinks from same IP address and the results:

745 visitors were my blog at 9 January and then the visitors go down to 63 in 12 January. When I started to remove the backlinks using Google disavows tools which I took from same IP addresses then the visitors are increasing again (from 26 January), for this reasons not only go down visitors but also go down domain authority 28 from 35. Here I focused the bad things of Backlinks, now I will discuss how to increase quality backlinks.

Explanation: As usual, every bloggers have their own blogspot and using these as a linkwheel or others. But you may don’t know you can get hundreds of backlinks from a blogspot. Now days I don’t know how many countries have in this world, but we can find it Google search engine. Surely you know that every country have their different Google search engine, like – USA Google name is www.google.com, India Google name is www.google.in, for UK www.google.co.uk, for France www.google.fr, for Denmark www.google.dk and ETC. So blogspot subdomain also has made Google in this way. You can create backlinks for your blogspot from the number of country wise domains (IP). Let’s check how to create uncountable backlinks from a blogspot:

When you are going to strong your own blogspot by SEO basically you should get backlinks through blog comments, Social Bookmarking and Forum Posting. Surely you submit your blogspot link as like yourblogname.blogspot.com.  If you want to get backlinks from different IP so you will get huge amount of backlinks from your blogspot. For an example you can get backlinks by country wise blogspot:

  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.com/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.co.uk/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.in/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.fr/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.dk/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.de/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.com.br/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.it/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.ca/
  • http://yourblogname.blogspot.ie/

Just like my created infographics :-

Now you can arrange your blogspot to SEO in this way. In this way you can get increase backlinks for your blogspot from different IPs. Here I share about 10 countries IP, now you can find every country IPs name yourself from Google or you can find country name by click here.

In the Results

Few days ago I have been de-indexed all of my blog articles for sitemap problems and again re-submit my blog sitemap using Google XML sitemaps generators. And I build backlinks again using this way. Indeed wake a query in your mind? – Why I show you my a previous ranking keyword??? No-no, now still keep this page may be 2nd search results (I bring some keywords when I’m free). If you work properly so Google easily bring your keywords in the top of search results. You must remember to use white hat SEO techniques.

If you feel good then you can share my article to build a POWERFUL NETWORK online today. I know good – it’s not enough for link building ways, if I write here all link building techniques so my article will gone up to 10,000 words. As I mentioned during this month’s Domain Authority vs Page Authority article, I’ve recognized a lot of similarities between affected websites. This has guide us to my white hat link building best practices that I strongly suggestion all of you to implement right away both with your own websites and those of your clients.