Whether SEO is still important ?

We have all heard “SEO is dead” alarmist, uninformed, and countless link bait article (sarcasm). But there is no truth is?

Although it seems likely completely different, even compared to a year ago, search engine optimization, I firmly believe that search engine optimization is not only alive, but thriving. Here’s why:

Some SEO is dead

Many tactics have fallen under the umbrella of SEO, can safely be regarded as “dead”, either because they do not work, never worked, or still work, but in violation of Google’s guidelines. I’m not going to spend time discussing why they do not work, or there is a risk, because this is not what this article is about, there are a lot has been written about the topic.

So we on the same page, here are some basic search engine optimization strategy is not worth your time example:

  • Keyword stuffing and hidden
  • Buy a lot of links, directory links
  • Copy the website (or categories) on different domains
  • Content spinning, automated content
  • Purely to optimize the “rank” results

SEO is what today

Optimized in its core search engine is a high quality content in the art and science of search engine easier to find. The key point is “quality content, to help customers answer questions, resulting in a purchase or some other business results. Google algorithm update, designed to reward good and punish spam content, although it may not always feel like it best practice search engine optimization is true of most Google around you, you just need to learn and master.

seo is dead

Here are some search engine optimization strategies, are alive and well:

  • Support customer orientation keywords
  • SEO copy writing and page optimization
  • Links attraction
  • Internal link optimization
  • Technical SEO (Any attempt to make your site more accessible to search engines)
  • Participation and conversion optimization
  • Quality content is good, optimized content is the best

If the search engine just want to reward quality content, making it easier to find, is not sufficient to create great content and call it a day? Unfortunately, no.

Although search engines become smarter, more efficient, and overall better ‘screening’ content, they still pale in comparison inherent in the people’s ability to pick out the nuances and meaningful content. So it is important to send the right signals to the search engines and easy to understand as possible so that these signals.

Content quality attributed to customers and relevance, there is no better way to target customers interests, rather than by keywords. Each search begins someone typing a keyword in the search box and click on the site and they are listed in the search results end. If your site is not included on the closely related keywords or phrases pages, metadata, or inbound link anchor text, you do not give them need to know information about your site’s search engine (or buyers) the search query .

The optimization of search traffic and ranking copy and meta elements in the page have a positive effect, especially sites, in most other areas are strong. For example, I have been working with clients in the software industry, who have a well-designed site that is technically sound, useful and attractive content, with a strong link profile.

However, research and customer orientation competitor keyword analysis shows to their audience to consider and purchase stage of the buying cycle is the most relevant keywords are not effectively targeted (ie, they did not appear enough or copy all pages, Meta element, or crosslinking).

In the basic page content optimization implemented within three months, we achieved 320% growth in organic search traffic in almost all of our target keywords to determine the average bounce rate and the major search engines page ranking with 15% decline. Customers are actually looking for better visibility, leading to more traffic and sales.

Link still important

While the importance of the link Google recently announced a significant decline, it is too early to write off a total quality links. Crawling links are an important way to discover the contents of the search engines, so more links pointing to your site (related to source quality), there are more opportunities to find your content in search engines.

Do not fall into the trap of treating links, more importantly, quality content, or that in some way it is not good enough to link to the content. This is a misguided effort to define, as the great content will not only attract their own quality links (through effective marketing and social media stocks), but is more likely to increase when it is found to have engaged visitors, and all the results of those significant conversion.

Social shares is important because links from other pages, so make sure your content creation efforts, including efforts to promote content through social networks. Regular growth in network optimization content, you increase the audience go sell too. Google, Facebook and Twitter are essential for any content through social media outreach efforts. Just make sure you push a lot of other useful content, not just your own.

More and more, it has become important not only get high quality links, but monitoring and potential removal of low-quality links, especially if you have already received unnatural links from Google’s warning. Regular monitoring and auditing your site’s link profile is a good precaution, bad links tend to have a cumulative effect, and to clean up, once they become an obvious problem is very difficult.

Recently a new client’s website said a preliminary audit of several nasty various links, including links to websites payments, and thousands of blog network links, link farms prevalence. Given the seriousness of the problem, we give priority to a wide range of inbound links audit and negative initiatives to ensure high-quality content is published previous search engine optimization link building efforts will not be negatively affected.

Technology, can prevent problems finding and engaging with your content search engine (and people)

Fast things change in search engine optimization, search engine algorithms opportunity will begin to punish the website works well from a technical point of view is slim, and humans are no different. How many times have you wanted a site to load slow?

The importance of optimizing your website so that your pages load faster, the content is to facilitate your navigation is intuitive cannot be underestimated. People will leave the site and never come back, if they are confused or have to wait too long, the search engine will be too.

This is an area, particularly close attention, because of the small technical problem, you can have a serious impact on a wide range of communication and search engine friendly your site. Many companies hire a digital marketing agency, powerful search engine optimization techniques and large sites, receive their value many times, just from the ongoing optimization techniques.

For example, not deliberately blocked pages or entire sites indexed by the search engine search engine optimization robots.txt is not only the perpetrators, but also very easy to do. Development teams often temporarily block part of the website update; unfortunately ignore robots.txt file recovery after the update.

Since the website updated often introduced indexation, as well as other technical issues the site, it is a good idea to include checking whether there are any problems, the external team of steps, a major update, as well as an ongoing basis.

Modern SEO is alive and well

By definition, SEO is an ongoing effort to improve the search engines and customers use search engines to find your site content performance. What better time than your customers need it the exact moment you can find useful content? This is the value of search engine optimization brings a combination of network marketing. As long as people use search engines to find information and businesses have content they want potential customers to see, search engine optimization is important.I do not understand, is changing rapidly.

How do you use search engine optimization in your company, in order to attract more customers, engage and convert?