Where to Avoid Common SEO mistakes

SEO where to start in a detailed discussion of the major tasks and SEO techniques need to know and prepare for work, and then start from the structure and content of the site website SEO optimization, project management with a reasonable approach, and reasonable steps in accordance with SEO , but also for the optimization of keyword analysis and selection, the site was included in improving the number of search engines, but also to understand the page jump approach, today’s discussion is that we should avoid some common SEO mistakes.

These errors can lead search engines ignore your website visitors, there may be lost so that the visitor from your site.

(1) Using too much Flash

You know, because the search engines for technical reasons cannot retrieve the content in Flash, so using too much Flash on the site will be counterproductive. And the site uses too much Flash, labor costs will increase the site, on the contrary, the picture is much better than Flash.

(2) No link with keywords

For optimization, the use of internal links with the keywords and external links are important, such as information published on other sites, keyword hyperlinks own site. Get more and more keyword links, you can improve the overall weight of the site, search engines will increasingly concerned about your website.

Another point of note is that the different pages link to cook different keywords, because these rich keywords spread, the effect will be more than a single keyword much better, but the most important point: the fact that Google and less emphasis on the footer.

(3) Using the same title

There is a search engine ranking factor is the title page of your site, such as 8684 transit network website titled “check on bus 8684,” but the whole point is not like this title, which has a 2009 spring Linke topics, it The title has a direct is “2009 spring Linke.”

Comon SEO mistakes

(4) Using black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the most insecure, like many companies use black hat SEO keywords quickly made up, but this is no sense of security, because no one knows what the search engines will Blackhand time.

Generally use black hat SEO tools are:

1) Camouflage page: Is hung a keyword in the title, which is what did not;

2) Hidden text: Keywords anchor text and web pages, as users who generally do not see it, but search engine spiders can crawl into;

3) Keyword stuffing: Some sites placed in the head in a lot of information about the keyword, which simply does not make sense, it will cause resentment search engine, Baidu will have a dedicated department to deal with these keyword stuffing site;

4) Doorway pages: The meaning of the bridge made of the page is a single page website optimization, in order to obtain the purpose of the search engine rankings, all such web is ultimately directed to a real site, to play a role in the entry, it is therefore a “bridge page. ” While search engines do not like doorway pages, but no way, there is no recognition technology can reach the bridge pages;

5) Alt attributes: Alt attributes should be added to the general description of the pictures, buttons, navigation or other content, are willing to make it easier for users to understand the site, but not all places can add Alt attributes, if found by search engines, it will be punishment;

6) Garbage comment: Is mainly carried out by blog comment spam tool to building external links, likewise, through comments, is hoping to come up some traffic from the blog, but Google now comment spam control is very strict.

7) Forums mass: And blog comment tool similar to Google now also paid close attention;

(5) Links using Java

Search engines crawl difficult to grasp Java, they still try to choose DIV + CSS. In the content management system of choice, try to choose to automatically generate static pages, and the code streamlined procedures, such as dedecms, phpcms so on.

Little attention to point link

Links to optimize for Google, it is a very important aspect, if the linked site exceeds 100, it may at any time be punished Google.

(6) Often change names

If you often change the file name or directory name, will lead disappear before indexing pages, the quality of the site would also fall, thus not worth the candle.

(7) Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content involves multiple pages with the same content, or copying the contents of other websites. Search engines will automatically detect if you find such a case, there may not be indexed on the search engines.

7:00 SEOER above are the common SEO mistakes should be avoided for doing SEO must follow the right path, perseverance, will be able to Make immortal.