What is the Google Blog Search ?

What is a “blog search”?

“Blog search” Google search technology is a service provided for blog content. Google fully believe in a personal blog authoring and publishing trends represented. We hope that through the “blog search” to help users more effectively explore the blog world, so as to stimulate more people to join this trend. Whether you are looking for the “Harry Potter” comment, or a variety of gourmet recipes or any other content, “blog search” can make you find people on any topic you are interested in a variety of perspectives.

Your search results will come from a variety of blog publishing blog content platforms, not just blog from Google’s own services provided by “Blogger” content. Our “blog search” index is continuously updated real-time, so you can get the most accurate and timely search results. You can search for blog content in various languages, including not only English, but also French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and other languages.

How to find the “blog search”?

You can visit our “blog search” in one of the following different ways:

  • google.com (Google-style interface)
  • blogger.com (Blogger-style interface)
  • Blogger Dashboard

Any Blog * Spot blog navigation bar (Navbar)

Searching for each mode are the same, whether you access it from somewhere. However, Blog * Spot blog navigation bar (Navbar) provides two buttons: one to search for your current browsing blog sites, one for the search all blog.

How to use the “blog search”?

You only need to enter in the search box at the wish to search for keywords, and then click on the “Search” button. Desired operation is so simple!

If you need more control over the search, click on the “Advanced blog search” link to the right of the search button. There you can find a variety of options to specify the title, author, language and so on. After you get the search results, the results of the top of the page there will be an additional link that allows you to toggle the display of the results: according to relevance ranking, and in chronological order.

What is the Google Blog Search

Blogger-style interface, under the search box there is a “use search options” link. Click on this link will show some advanced options most commonly used, for example, specify to search within a specific blog site or date range.

“Blog search” contains what blog content?

“Blog search” goal is to publish a site collection for each seed (with RSS or Atom way) blog, is not limited to Blogger blog or any other blog service providers.

How to make my blog to be included?

If you publish a blog site seed in any of the supported formats, and some sort of automatic update notification service, then we will be able to find and included it. In addition, we will provide a page in the near future: We can not automatically search your blog content, you can use this page to manually add your blog to our index. Please wait for further information.

Why do some of my earliest blog posts have not been included?

As the “blog search” through the seed of the blog site is indexed, it contains only a blog post on the blog index started a new post. For most blog, start time included roughly June 2005, or if you submit your blog to let us included time. We are trying to make “blog search” able to index older blog post.

If you do not want my blog content to be included how to do?

If you do not release the seeds for your blog site, it will not be included in the “blog search” results.However, if you previously had released some of the sites we seed was included, then these old posts will remain in our index, even if a new post has not been added to the list.

“Blog search” at the same time will follow robots.txt files and NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW meta tags.

“Blog search” is how to proceed?

“Blog search” through the content on the blog site of seed collection, and promptly see if there is new content publishing. This means that for these blog “blog search” results of the new content update speed will be much faster than a standard Web search. Also, because data is more structured sites that are contained in the seed, the “blog search” capable of greater accuracy within a given time frame to find related posts.

I can choose to search the entire blog site or a separate blog post it?

You can use the “blog search” to search for a specific blog post or all of the blog. In the main search results, usually contains a link to the article. However, when the topic of a blog site with your query matches will also display a short list above the main search results inside.

What can I subscribe to search results?

Yes it is. In each search results page, you can find several links. These links to Atom or RSS feeds to provide you with the way the first 10 or 100 results. You can get these links, and to subscribe to your news aggregator used software. After that, when there can match your query keywords new blog article, you will also get updated.

“Blog search” support what the search operation?

All standard Google search operation can be “blog search” support. These include:

  • link:
  • site:
  • intitle:

In addition, the “blog search” supports the following specific new actions:

  • inblogtitle:
  • inposttitle:
  • inpostauthor:
  • blogurl:

For example, search for [ Mandolin inpostauthor: Graham ] will be returned by the name “Graham” who wrote about “mandolins” blog post. It is worth noting that you can also achieve the same effect through advanced search options.

I can search for a specific language blog it?

Yes, you can return the advanced search option to restrict specific language (optional 35 kinds of languages) results. You just need to be included next to the language selection box can be signs.Select the default language, the search results will return to blog content in all languages.

“Blog search” support SafeSearch filtering it?

Yes, as in Google search, SafeSearch can be used to filter out adult content sites.

I have more questions how to do?