Traffic Generation Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

One thing is clear, people (or rather potential clients) are hungry for whatever it is you are offering and they are all over the web searching for it. The problem in this case is that you are finding it hard to get to them. On the other hand, your potential clients are also having a hard time finding you. It is like you two are in a dark room trying to find each other. Your work here is to help them get to you and SEO is the proverbial light that will help you do that! With new online businesses coming about every now and then, competition for clients on the web is stiffening by the day. Business entrepreneurs are required to master the art of generating traffic in a bid to maintain their relevance in the business. It is due to this that the SEO world has grown into the multi-faced business it is today. Search engines have not made the job any easier for online business with upgrades on algorithms being made more frequently now. These engines are looking ways to make sure that their visitors get nothing but the best search results in the form of quality content. A combination of all these factors has forced SEO experts, webmasters and online entrepreneurs to find more advanced ways of generating traffic as well as building links. Here I discussed about how to sell your products of the reputable traffic generation in my traffic generation tips and how to grow your business step by step. It’s a open source network traffic generation source and also manually do yourself.

There several ways of boosting traffic to your website/blog and increasing your online presence. They include:

Write Quality Article – Share Your Creativity

Some days ago I live a job post in Elance for Article Writer, here I mentioned you “what type of article you will write for your blog or site”. Just see my requirements what I live in Elance; you must understand what I say about your article type for writing:

  • I am looking for someone who knows everything about SEO & Internet marketing (100% knowledgeable about Update Google panda), I am not looking for GENERAL SPAM ARTICLES, SPIN ARTICLES, RE-WRITE ARTICLES.
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  • I would guess that those articles should be as long as needed to be. You do not have a word limit but it will be in the region of thousands to cover all information. You are required to do your own research. In each of the article, you need to let us know your references. PLAGIARISM is strictly PROHIBITED.
  • I would like each article to have a GREAT KILLER HEADLINE, bullet points (if appropriate), and a few sub-headlines to help break up the article for easier reading. Please note: A great article should come with KILLER CONTENT, some images (or advice me for make image, I will make a design (I’m professional designer -3d/graphics) and some reference links. Generally, preference will be given to candidates who could deliver articles with relevant images to improve readability. For instance:
  • Please send in your bid per article (in the region of 1.5k words). This is a long term job. If you have any questions, please let me know. We are working on a budget here and your bid needs to reflect that. Please do not compromise on quality though. Just send your best price.
  • Mr. Mizan

Keyword Research

‘Content is King’. This should be the rule for all blogs as well as websites. The content not only makes up the bulk of the blog but it also gets to define the blog in one way or the other. In order to make the most out of your content, you are required to use the right keywords, in the right manner. Keyword research tools such as Google AdWords can go a long way in helping you achieve this. Otherwise you will use Market Samurai keyword research tool and analysis, you can see my previous article about keyword research tips to increase blog traffic. However, you are also required to search for the right words to use. They need to be in line with the subject of your blog. In addition to this, make sure that they are popular. For example, if your blog is all about SEO, the top search enquirers in this sector are ‘SEO tips’. Therefore, it would be wise for you to use this as one of your keywords. It is sure to boost your traffic at the end of the day.

traffic generation tips

Traffic Generation Tips for Social Media Marketing

Facebook is a biggest social networking site in Social Media Marketing. In addition social media sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and delicious popular for Social Media Marketing, Here I write about how to get increase traffic using Facebook. Facebook is a popular social media site and you can use the popular Facebook site from getting extended visitor to your blog and you can sell your product easily. For example – you are a new blogger or a business, you have a new product to sell on your blog or site, then your new article doing index in Google and share your product/article many many social media sites.

Google Places Optimization

Nowadays, more people have turned to mobile as well as local online search techniques. Most people simply use their mobile devices to perform local searches when looking for specific products or services within their locality. Therefore, it becomes vital for online business to come up with marketing strategies that make very good use of this. Statistics show that in the past three months, over three billion of all the search enquirers had locality names. Now more than ever, it is important for online blogs/websites to gain local preference. This will not only give them an upper hand over their competitors but also help them attract more traffic. One of the most popular local search mechanisms is Google Maps. It is more commonly used on mobile devices hence making it the perfect search engine for local enquirers. For proper Google Places optimization, there are a number of factors that one should consider. They include:

  • Consistency- Avoid contradicting your Google Place profiles and especially where locality and the likes are concerned. If your company or blog has several profiles online, then make sure that they all have the same information. Make proper use of your imagery, brand and linking. Use the same links for all profiles as well as brands and other images. Contact information for your business is the most important in this case. Make sure it is the same for all your online profiles including those on social media sites.
  • Complete Information- Make sure not to leave any stone untenured in as far as your Google Place profile is concerned. Most people tend to consider some questions asked on the profile as irrelevant and ones that will not help in any way. The truth of the matter is that none of the questions asked are irrelevant. They all have a role to play in as far as your Google Places optimization is concerned. Therefore, make sure that your profile is 100% complete. Fill in your Company name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Email Address and whatever other information that was required of you.
  • Reviews and Interactions- These are two crucial optimization tools. Make sure to include reviews as well as various forms of interactions to your blog or website. Reviews act as statements of validity. The testimonials and reviews go a long way in boosting the company’s credentials. Go a step further and use video testimonials for better results. Moderate the comments that come onto your blog as well as social sites. Encourage visitors to interact and upload photos as well as videos of themselves. This will increase you presence
  • Keywords- Use purposeful and relevant keywords in various parts of your Google Place profile. However, do not just stuff the keywords all over. Make sure to place them in strategic areas. Over-suing or under-using keywords will not auger well. Make good use of your analytics.

Use of High Value Backlinks

For blog owners, high value backlinks are major assets considering the amount of traffic that they help generate. But what exactly is a high value backlink? A backlink is simply a link that connects to your blog or website from another blog or website. Therefore, people can easily access your site while perusing a different site. Most top rated search engines actually value websites with a high number of backlinks. The value of backlinks is determined by a number of factors. The ‘Dofollow’ kind of backlinks is the best to have on your website. ‘The ‘Nofollow’ kind of backlinks is also effective but ‘Dofollow’ backlinks are known to be more effective. They tend to add a whole lot of power into your blog or website considering the kind of traffic they help generate. Another important thing to note is that one way backlinks are the most beneficial for those looking to generate a lot of traffic. One way backlinks work in such a way that the links direct people to their site from a different site and not vice-versa. The link cannot in any way redirect people back to the original site.

In as much as a backlink is helpful, it needs to be of very high value. So far, a ‘Dofollow’ one way backlink offers the most value. However, the site that the link redirects from plays a major role in determining the power of the backlink. The site needs to have a high PageRank. If possible, it should be of a higher PageRank than your site. The PageRank is normally set by Google and works in such a way that a PR of 4 has lower power than a PR of 2.

High values backlinks help generate traffic to your website or blog is two main ways. First and foremost, such backlinks can go a long way in generating organic traffic. So long the link comes from the right website, and then you are sure to attract a high number of organic traffic visitors. It is necessary that the link is placed on the homepage of the site. This way, there is a higher likely-hood of visitors of the website clicking on the link. On the other hand, you have to make sure that the site targets the same kind of audience as your blog or website. Backlinks on social sites is also another effective way of using high value backlinks to generate traffic. Secondly, high value backlinks will go a long way in boosting your search engine rankings. As stated earlier, most top-rated search engines look at the number of backlinks as a show of power in websites. Popular search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google consider backlinks as a means of boosting the ranking of the blog or site. However, the links have to be credible.

Guest Posting

Guest posting and high value backlinks have one thing in common; they both use other blogs/websites to attract traffic to another. As a matter of fact, the two of them are more or less the same the only difference being that guest posting requires one to post content and not links only. Guest posting basically refers to posting of your articles to related blogs and website. Together with the articles, you are also required to post a link to your blog. This way, people who are intrigued by your content will go ahead and click on your link for more. There are all sorts of guest posting such as .org, .com and .info to name just but a few. However, the most common kind of guest posting as of today is .edu. The reason for their popularity is the mare fact that over 90% of .edu sites have a Google PageRank of between 5 and 7, which is very good. Therefore, guest posting on an .edu site will guarantee you of a boost in traffic. The admins to these sites only accept quality articles which means the content you decide to backlink with should be of very high quality. Generally speaking, the keyword percentage will play a major role when it comes to guest posting. To be on the safe, use about 30% to 40% of the main keyword of you blog or website then includes the rest in the remaining 60% to 70%. Doing this in about 50 blogs on a monthly basis will definitely go a long way in boosting your website traffic.

Forum Posting

Since June 30, 2014 I live an article about get top ranking Google places and includes forum link building techniques, here I would say the same techniques for increase traffic and also high quality forum backlinks for your site. If you don’t read my previous article so you can see given below italic text what I said before.

  • 99% SEO workers and businessmen are familiar with forum. In this cause many businessmen are start to selling their products, sharing opinion and collecting backlinks for their own websites by the forum. Many SEO workers collect backlinks only from dofollow forum by forum posting or forum signature. But many people or SEO workers don’t know that the forum link building becomes the most effective when you put your website link after a post or thread Quote with reply. But you must be careful so that your post reply becomes valuable and informative. The forum post where you have replied and you want to put the link must be relevant with your website. So your comments must be Quote with Reply/Quote with Comments. The figure given below will show how your forum link building will be effective for SEO. Click the given below image to see clearly –

Article Marketing

The basic elements in any blog are the articles. They make up the bulk of the blog’s content. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that these articles are the main reason why people get to visit your blog. Publishing these articles can easily be done manually. However, if you plan on using multiple backlinks, then you are sure to need the help of an article marketing robot. This robot will help you submit the articles into various directories. After going through all the hassle and bustle of writing quality articles, the article marketing robot is a key aid in as far as publishing of the articles is concerned. All you need to do is instruct the software to create a list of directory names; copy-paste all target articles then ‘Publish’. It is that simple!

Article marketing entails a whole lot more other than just submitting your articles to the directories. In order for the directories to accept your articles, there are some requirements that the articles need to meet among them being no copying. The article needs to be 100% unique and without any copied content. The article marketing robot software also helps with such since it comes complete with a built in spinner to help you submit your article to different directories. Normally, one cannot submit the same article to different directories since the directories will claim that the article is copied. You can only publish one article per directory. However, with the robot software, you can easily spin the article and submit it to different directories without much hassle. Another helpful feature available in the article marketer robot is the schedule. This feature helps you submit articles to specific directories using a specific time schedule.

Video Marketing

Nowadays, people have grown to become too digitalized. Unlike in the past, radio or newspaper ads are no long popular. Nowadays, people want modern technology adverts and what better way to give them what they want other than through online video marketing. No matter the product or service you are marketing, the main aim of your endeavors is to attract more people to your website and convince them to use your product. As such, the use of textual words on the internet cannot be compared to that of using videos. Textual ads do not capture the flare of people any more. Most people want to “see it, in order to believe it”. By making advert videos and posting them online, you will gain much more in as far as online presence and website traffic are concerned.

However, with video marketing, it gets a little bit tricky and especially with video backlinking. Most highly rated websites will not accept to post your videos on their website unless you pay a large sum of money. To avoid such expenses, you can simply create your video and post them on YouTube. However, make sure to include you keyword a considerable number of times in the title as well as the ad itself. Post a link to the video on your homepage for the sake of the clients. Google considers such in their page ranking.