Top 3 SEO Ranking Factors To Rank High on Google or Bing

Much has changed in terms of the position of your small business website from Google Panda and Penguin in late 2011 and updated the spring of 2012 . There is a lot of noise about what works in SEO now . Instead of the things that I can work in theory , the top three factors that you need to score to speak strongly in the 2013 list your small business website on Google !

top 3 seo strategies


Despite all the changes , backlinks are still the most influential factor for inclusion in this category . Google has tried to build as much as possible through various methods backlinks. Therefore, there are some settings that the vendor is required.

The first thing to do is to begin to vary your anchor text . Previously SEOs trying to get it, how you , how many of your anchor text around the main keyword you are targeting . Now you should aim for 10 % and 30 % , and the objective of the natural variation .

The second thing to do is to focus on the quality of the links. Links no longer cut off from the blog spam , mutual swaps , low quality directories and social bookmarking sites easily . You want to try to get . Links from quality related websites You can also find links or links from bad neighborhoods denying low quality with the new tool from Google to get rid of .

Social signals

Google is also looking at social signals as a ranking factor. This means that you can not ignore social media into their overall strategy . The three major social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Google+  You need to create an account for each site and build your audience .

Your marketing must integrate these pages to start . Activation process People to your Facebook page in exchange for a free gift and build the connection on Twitter . Hold for the provision of value in the form of outstanding content , gifts and special offers are Once you build followers on these sites you’ve started.

Authors Zone

Author rank is a new ranking factor that Google recently added . Google author, you can publish content on your Google+ account and manage . The aim is to return to the original publisher of eliminating duplicate content to the attributes of the files to help confusion and help the quality of your content by tracking the rate of 1 s was obtained from readers back.

Author helps you rank recognition as your subject to get an expert. People will look through your head when you appeal to the original content to read them your attention. The other content this will lead to the following for their account and share your content over the network.

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