They need to have Seven SEOer Capacities

Do SEO threshold is not very high, through the Internet to find the information you have a basic understanding of a few days SEO steps, but can be handy, productive stage, you need to have the following seven major capabilities:

1) To be familiar with web code (HTML, JS, etc.)

Familiar with HTML page code to write (which contains the Title, Meta, Header, Body Text, Alt, Tag, JS, etc.), and master W3C standards, is the foundation of knowledge they need to master SEOer. Of course, if there are web programming’s foundation will be better!

2) Should be familiar with the site architecture

If you do not understand the architecture of a site, and how to modify it you do? This somewhat complex, involving many aspects, including domain, server (or space), page technology, web design, site functionality, application development and database (at least to understand) so everything related to the operation and construction sites. You do not need all of them proficient (that is impossible), at least to understand.

3) To understand the psychology

Should be a little more specific search psychology. Take for instance the choice of keywords, and keyword selection is locked SEO start work, but also decided to benefit the most important step. Keyword-oriented locking involves a wide range, from the keyword difficulty (Keyword Difficulty), key attributes (traffic and conversion rates relation), to search for psychological research has. For example, when users search for “New York Cheap Hotel” when they really expect not those cheap and poor environment of a small hotel, but would like to see the Hilton or Sheraton hotel has greatly reduced this message, it is Wonderful it! So understanding people’s search habits search and search psychology is very important, of course, it is also very complex.

seoer capacities

4) Organizational capacities is in place to have a language

SEO community now generally considered one of the most important factors. Is to help build links to your site by a variety of ways to get links other sites. Many Link Building ways, including: paid and free directory submission sites (eg: Yahoo Directory; DMOZ), exchange links, paid links, and creative links and so on. Whether your site is locked Yahoo or Google, Link Building is definitely one of the key factors in the decision are ranked. So in these processes you will use a lot of languages, many directories are manually indexed, many exchange links are to use words to communicate and exchange organization who, if your organization is very awkward language, then the chances of success when let small. Besides strengthening the page content (Content Mapping), will do the most appropriate integration of web content with the corresponding keywords are very important steps, then the “most appropriate integration” organizational ability and language are inseparable.

5) Have the ability to analyze and observe

SEO is not done once you follow Guideline on the right, continuous analysis and observation is absolutely necessary. For example, to keep track of growth and decline lock keyword, keyword ranking analysis of the problem and solve the plight rankings, search engines understand the focus and characteristics of each update, and these are the daily work of SEO. You do it?

6) Have data analysis and integration capabilities

This part is to be performed on the effectiveness of the SEO benefit analysis done. First, of course (changes in proportion to increase the number of visitors, the sources and visitors through the site before and after the implementation of the data to understand the changes in the search engine understand the visit, the overall conversion rate of change, and so website visitors), the data for the master degree higher growth and decline, and more able to understand before and after execution. In addition, through better understanding of keyword selection data presented is correct. By understanding the different keywords visitors from entering the site after conversion rates (Conversion), mean residence time (Avg. Time on Site), and so the information, to give back to the original keyword locking strategy correctness, of course, can also be keyword adjustments, enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of SEO.

7) There must be constant innovation capability

Search engines are constantly adjust its strategy to cope with a geometrically growing web content, SEO methods are constantly adjusted, trying and innovative ways to make the search engines always favor your site, you need to have a very strong innovation consciousness. Except of course cheating methods.