Search Engines Negative Information Processing

Search engines negative information processing causes, why want to deal with negative PR?

Search engines have become one of the highest rates of Internet networking tools. Whether it is life or work, people get information through search engines, to solve the problem. Search engines have become very important to obtain information of a channel, and this channel to get people’s trust. People through the search engine on the information obtained to be understood in a comprehensive and give their own evaluation.

Therefore, the results of the search engines have a very strong given the boot of a direct impact on people’s thinking and decisions. I believe all businesses, want to search in the search engine business when this can occur is a positive evaluation.

However, this is often counterproductive. Good things do not go out, bad news travels. In many cases, negative information a dissatisfied consumers will spread everywhere a business. Although the vast majority of the enterprise services are good, but they were because of a mistake which led to the emergence of a large number of negative information on the Internet. And this information quickly came in search engines exam location.

The destructive impact of the enterprise information is enormous. Companies because such information is likely to lose a lot of customers. And many times, if you do not deal with these negative information would have been in the search engine exam location. Although the companies have existing problems improved, but negative information will exist for a long, has been adverse impact on the negative.

Search Engines Negative Information Processing

Through network technology, content search engine results can be diluted, replacement and suppress negative information. Negative information can usually be reduced to a certain level. Of course, if the poor quality of their service business, resulting in a very large amount of negative information. First, we reject for such enterprises, while the processing of the complaint cannot stop a large number of consumers of information.

What search engine negative information processing is? How does it work?

Search engines are usually negative information for the user to search for specific words within a few pages before the contents of the search engines. This information may lead to a potential customer’s skepticism and denial, and thus the corporate reputation and brand damage.

Because the Internet is an open platform, so anyone can publish anything on the Internet. This includes the consumer, is also likely to be competitors. Ordinary consumers are often difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the information, resulting in negative information on consumer buying behavior were directly affected.

Words are retrieved consumers basically are: brand name; brand name + good; brand name + complaints; brand name + issues; brand name + lie, etc.

You can try your own brand plus the above keywords to see if there is a negative message. If there is, I’m sure you do not want it to appear there. And even that is a long history of information, or simply unfounded information, but it silently affects your potential customers.

For example, if you search on Baidu, Mead Johnson. This famous brand of milk, the second is actually an unqualified information quality. Although, this is a message more than a year ago, but it still affects today every consumer to see this information. And a lot of consumers do not know that it is last year’s information, and canceled the purchase of the brand idea.

To reverse this situation, we need technology by means of the results of these search keywords to intervene. Let the latest information came in the front position, so stale information sink or leave. This series of operations will take some time; the information is not deleted negative. But let more actively in the front row position information, or to reduce the likelihood of negative information to display.

Through treatment, negative information will be much harder under these keywords ranked in the forward position, so that enterprises can obtain a more favorable network neutral environment.

Processing of negative information that search engines delete posts it?

Treatment not delete posts negative information search engine, but to change the results of which posts appear in the rankings. Original negative information is still there but other information is suppressed or do not appear at the bottom of the search results among the exam location.

In industries, but also the results of the search engines to delete a snapshot of the way through a pay service. This service has two, one through Baidu’s formal channels of false and illegal information deleted. This often requires the original Baidu snapshot point has been deleted. But it is generally difficult to achieve.

Another is through special channels, insiders privately Index snapshot deletion. But this action is illegal Baidu regulations, generally not easy links to the operating personnel, the price is very high. Even some people will deliberately publish negative posts, entice customers to delete posts. So delete posts were likely to become the poster.

The deal does not delete the negative posts, but other positive information to enhance the weight and increase the amount of positive information, there is a specific keyword overall impact on results. So that negative information is not likely to occur in the forefront of the outcome, reduce the impact of negative information, or to reduce the influence of time.

By processing, companies can have a better ability to resist negative information, and the ability for the first time appeared to do negative information processing network aspects will influence of negative information to a minimum.

Whether to process negative information would disrupt the network content?

Network is a double-edged sword, any information are likely to play a huge impact. Plus the influence of search engines is growing, companies can use a search engine for publicity, you can also use some of its competitors were hit.

A company may appear negative information, but it may be a fault, can be subjected to correction and enhance their quality of service. But computers are not treated as such, it may make this information remains permanently in the front position. If this information is concerned many people, but will also gradually improve rankings.

It is as if a person has never erase mistakes. The most horrible thing is that there is a competitor to undermine, publication of false negative information. But consumers can not accurately identify, the results are to succeed competitors.

If implemented preparation and intervention, the negative keyword search results are not so easy to publish information through the top surface, so it is difficult to achieve the purpose of competitors destruction. Because negative keywords intervention is a long process, competitors temporary short-term behavior can not cause a great impact.

How do we do it?

First, we have a wealth of Internet technology and experience, familiar with the work of search engine ranking law on the results.

Secondly, we are very familiar with the user’s search habits of users on the Internet is to know how to search for information, and what kind of content will be viewed. By analyzing user behavior, we can configure the keywords and content information for the user’s habits.

Third, we have a very rich Internet resources, these resources can be mobilized for different information to increase the weight.

Fourth, we have an effective means of customer service through experience repeatedly drawn, allowing the target to achieve better and faster results.

Fifth, we have a sound team: keyword analysis, editors, optimizing operator, monitoring personnel and monitoring systems.