Measuring Success Beyond the Search Engines

To many, search engine optimization is all about gathering as much traffic as possible. This is the main aim for the majority in their SEO campaigns. However, there is more to all that you do as part of your SEO campaigns. This includes writing worthy content, attracting viable links and the likes. Measuring success in your campaigns should and can be done via web analytics. One of the main web analytics available today and one that you should consider using is Google analytics. Here, you are required to check all aspects of your SEO campaigns and measure the level of success you have experienced so far, where to improve and where not to worry much about. Ways of Measuring Success beyond the Search Engines, Maximize the ROI of Your Search Engine Marketing.

1 . Referring Sites

The very first thing to do is access the dashboard and check on your traffic sources. The sources in this case refer to the social media sites and other referral sites that have helped direct visitors to your website or blog. Campaigns on social media sites are some of the key aspects of SEO. With social sites rapidly growing in popularity among people of all ages, these sites have become quite important tools in search engines optimization campaigns. However, basic referral sites are still important tools to your campaigns. Therefore, once you are in your ‘Traffic Sources’ page, check on your referring sites. Normally, for those with few referral sites, it would wise to choose duration of over 1 month in order to get ample information to guide. 3 to 4 months would be the perfect duration in this case. In this page, you will get a list of all your referral sites and the amount of links that have been clicked to redirect people to your website or blog. The top website will be your highest referral meaning, it has helped direct the highest number of visitors to your website through the links. By clicking on the various referral websites for more information, you will be able to see which page on that particular website had the most links. Normally, the homepage would have the highest links since this is where most visitors would get to first. By getting such information, you will be in a good position to know where you should try to increase the number of links. Depending on the number of site you own, you can interlink your different websites to boost the number of referral links you get. The more the links, the more successful your campaigns will be! In addition to this, websites with the least number of links tend to drop in favor in Google’s eyes. A number of sites have actually languished due to lack of referral links.

Measuring Success Beyond the Search Engines

2. Social sites

The other thing you need to check when assessing just how successful you are in your campaigns using web analytics is your social media presence. The ‘Campaigns’ page is used to serve this purpose. It is in this page that you will find all the data associated with social media links. In addition to this, if you have any commercial adverts such as AdWords on your social sites, then they will also be assessed in this particular page. One aspect that is very important in this case is consistency in the labeling. It is advisable that you stick to using upper case letters rather than the lower case ones. By using both of them, the Google analytics will consider them to be two different entities. The ‘source’ tab helps you identify which source exactly was used. Take for example in the ‘medium’ tab; here you get to determine which page exactly you were promoting. Each campaign will have its slot and the details about the various activities carried out in the campaign. The source will normally be the main social site you use for your campaigns; be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to name just but a few. You can also check the conversion rates for the different sources be it social media or referral websites. However, it is important to note that social media referrals are very poor converters. Normally, when surfing on social media and you click ion a link, all you want is to read that particular article then get back to your social site.

Therefore, getting low conversion rates in your social sites does not mean that you social media campaigns are poor. It is quite normal. Newsletter subscribers are the highest number of conversions you can probably get from social site referrals. The bottom line is that the main goal is to create awareness. Therefore, get to access your success not just on the SEO level but way beyond it. This will go a long way in helping you achieve you goal.