Link Building three “Lightning Rod”

Website SEO optimization link building has been a topic of webmasters who care about deeply, enduring. BD SEO Company experts found that some SEOer outside the chain hard every day, but not much effect, the reason may be that the wrong way, touch the minefield. Do not want to be electrically outer chain minefield outside the focus in the tender, and then it is installed outside the chain building “lightning rod” it!

Foreign trade construction lightning

One lightning rod: Good form outside the chain

Link Building

Previously, webmasters do outside the chain on a form, anchor text links, so many SEOer did not turn a corner, or think outside the chain do not have to add anchor text. Now, however, outside the chain has been divided into three kinds of forms, and are anchor text links, plain text links and hyperlinks, of course, if there are still segments, then the image link. Now Google panda has repeatedly stressed diversity, so more conducive to the user experience, so, SEO company expert’s advice owners who do not blindly anchor text, do the various forms of balanced link, outside the chain effect will be better.

Lightning rod of the two, in line with the search engine algorithms

Whether it is to do what kind of SEO optimization operations must comply with search engine algorithms. For outside the chain, since 2013 onwards, Google crack down on garbage outside the chain. Rank if owners still want to get traffic and weight; do not take risks through the hidden links, keyword stuffing outside the chain in the form of the form to be increased.

The three lightning, stable operation

Do not believe you asked SEO Company outside the chain of Commissioners, the number of daily operating outside the chain is not the same as, or is stable. Website SEO optimization does not advocate fits and starts network, but do not advocate outside the chain SEO. Stable operating outside the chain, allowing Google spiders to crawl and to better identify, and thereby promoting inclusion.