Lets the Search Engines Record Your Glorious Image

You have such a hobby: Idle boring occasion, enter your own name on Baidu, Google and other popular search engines to see how many of them are closely related to your search results.

Perhaps you are a socialite, watching thousands contains the name of the search results you complacent — This shows that you are a star figure is of concern to everyone, looking ten search results there are nine are for you The praise indeed refreshing, but the rest of that one does not look so perfect or search results, you might think it is a fly in the ointment. These search results cannot fully represent your glorious image.

Or maybe you just loved to write blog a small white-collar workers, many of them are looking at the search results inside your wonderful blog written down over time, you will revel in the joy of sharing experiences with friends among — it shows your blog popularity Yes, but look at the search results inside your blog is not in the front row, the front row is one and the same name you guys — this or make your friend some confusion.

Is there any way to make the search results according to your own will render out? At least you can be able to reflect the glorious image of the record came in the front a little, the result does not matter to you put behind it.

1) Looking for Baidu, Google help

For search engine, we have a rough consensus: This is actually on an Internet search countless pages, search engines will crawl the web through certain procedures to generate retrieval. If you enter your name in the search box, and all pages containing your name retrieval will be presented in front of you, which is the so-called search results. Moreover, the generation search and search results are done automatically by the program; it seems difficult to manually change this process.

But we should also know another thing: the search engine should not be illegal message, such as the privacy of the information your identity card number, bank account, etc., or someone else’s copyrighted books, writing, etc., or a busybody to others unwarranted slander. From these disgraceful search results, in theory, you have a right to request a search engine provider to help you dispose of.

glorious image

Baidu and Google PR people have said that they have such a mechanism, and invariably stressed the protection of intellectual property, but curiously, they also are reluctant to discuss in detail, to explore and encourage users to accept the reporter consulted such a way to solve the problem. Informed sources told reporters, either Baidu or Google, it should be said to all the search engine providers, they are happy to promote “search results from artificial interference, is absolutely objective,” which is the basis for the search engine service. And once these mechanisms require users happy by search engine providers to delete sensitive or controversial search results, it means that they are forced to admit that the search results can be manual intervention.

There is such a description in the “disclaimer” Baidu’s: Given Baidu search methods in non-labor, automatically generate links to third-party Web pages based on the keywords you type, in addition to Baidu specify the terms of service, the other everything from the use of Baidu The accident, neglect, and their losses may be stricken infringement, Baidu is not responsible for them, nor assume any legal liability.

Although the search engine provider is not willing to interfere with the search results, but in some cases forced them to have to make choices, such as illegal information. It is understood that either Baidu or Google, they give users a set of “appeal” channels: user if found search results infringes your copyright, you can send the relevant documents to the search engine provider to report mailbox (eg Baidu reported mailbox is webmaster@baidu.com), explain the situation to them and ask them to take down a controversial search results.

But, in fact, through such channels require search engine providers to delete or modify the search results, users are often difficult to get it. According to a search engine provider insiders, usually only after crawling pages retrieved source is removed, the search engine provider will consider removing search results and web page snapshot, and only affect the surface for a wide range of controversial great content, they are so treated.

So, if you just want to delete a being circulated on the Internet not too decency childhood photos, then do not waste time looking for the search engine provider, because it is not the result.

9 in favor of the search results ranking factors

Rank score Sort Details

A 4.9 Keywords used on the website of TITLE

2 4.4 External links anchor text

External Link Popularity 3 4.4 site quality sites, extensive degree

4 4.1 website quality domain age (counted from the search engine index)

54 page internal link structure quality website

Correlation between 6 3.9 External links page content with keywords website quality website

7 3.9 Website quality sites in the subject group related websites link popularity

8 3.7 Key words Key words used in the web content

9 3.6 External links page itself Link Popularity

9 is not conducive to search results ranking factors

Rank Score Details

A 3.8 Servers are often unable to respond

2 3.6 and Google has indexed the content of highly repetitive

3 3.6 Links pointing to low quality or spam sites

4 3.3 Website a lot of duplicate pages META tags

5 3.3 Over a pile of keywords

6 3.3 Factory or a large number of links involved in the sale link

7 2.8 Server response time is very slow

9 2.1 Very low flow rate, user behavior to reflect the difference between the

2) On their own, “beautify” Search Results

Since people cannot help you, but you “Americanize” the search results are also very strong desire, then, and has some ability to use the Internet, try it yourself.

The so-called “beautification” Results not actually delete the results look good, but you think that good-looking, reflect the glorious image of your search results are arranged in front of all the search results and the bad results press to the back, even down to the outside of the tenth page of search results.

To do this we first need to understand how search engines crawl the web and sorting of search results — search engine to obtain information on a site, it will compare and operation, and then come to a PR value (Page Rank), other users see when searching will give priority to higher PR value of the search results, the result of a lower PR value will be ranked in the final. So we can see, we have to do, “beautification” work, in fact, is to try to improve search results good PR value, so they put a bad search results suppressed.

Seems reason is simple, but in fact there is very profound knowledge. This page optimization, PR value of work in the Internet field have a special term, called search engine optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization), at home and abroad have a group of professional and technical personnel to do SEO as a profession, usually called They do SEOer commissioner or SEO, SEO engineers. The formal SEO Company to do a website optimization project, often charge up to thousands of dollars. Thus, SEO but a high-tech, high gold content of the work.

Although search engines profound, but we also do not be discouraged, in fact, factors affecting the PR value hidden in our daily use of the Internet in the process — the time to write a blog title marked in bold, with your friend’s blog exchange Links and even free time to QQ group inside mass diary about your new link, let us help click Done after …… these seemingly trivial little things, maybe your blog ranked in the search engines on can rise a few.

Search Engine Optimization 8 steps

1) Get External links

External links to a site included into the search engine results pages play an important role, that if the reader enters directly from other sites to link to your site, the more so that the number of readers, the more attractive your site description, that Your site’s ranking in search results is higher.

So how to produce high-quality external links it?

The best way to produce high-quality external links is to write quality content, your website content so that readers desire to read. You can exchange links with other sites, you can also register to automatically generate links program, of course, and you can also go to buy links on other stations.

Another way to generate external links is to submit your site to directories. Many individuals Webmaster effect of this method are convinced of that when starting a new site, the first step they do is to do the work around Category, choose the right keywords to submit links to related pages.

2) Rich website keywords

Adding new keywords for your article will help to “spider” crawling Article Index search engine, thereby increasing the quality of the site. But do not pile too many keywords, people find this article should be considered in the search engine will search for what kind of keywords?

These keywords need to be frequently mentioned in your article, you can follow the following methods:

Keywords should appear in the page title tag inside; you can add even more statements describe your site in the title tag inside;

Key words in bold, for example, when you write a blog can be appropriately bold marked the important words, one is the convenience of readers, two to beating the search engine to find keywords;

Will automatically pop up a text containing keywords interpret the image ALT tags can be placed keywords, so your mouse over the picture above;

The whole article should contain keywords, but the best first sentence in the first paragraph into.

3) To make a focused theme website

If your site is written in the same subject, it may get better rankings. For example: a themed website covers multiple topics than those sites ranked higher. Establishment of a more than 200-page website, the content is the same theme; this site’s ranking will continue to improve, because in this theme in your website is considered authoritative.

4) Sites internal links

Search engines work by “spider” programs to crawl pages of information, tracking you write content and via the web link address to find web pages, extract hyperlink address. Many SEO experts recommend the site to provide site maps; the best among every page on the site has one to two in-depth links. The first step to do is to ensure that the site contains directory page navigation, but also to ensure that each child page has a link back to the main page and other important pages.

5) Be regularly updated

The number of sites updated more frequently, the search engine spiders crawl the more frequent. This means that the website within days or even hours of new articles could appear in the index, without the need to wait a few weeks. This is the site of the best ways to benefit. If you are able to adhere to write a blog every day people, that your blog’s ranking in the search engines is very likely to write a blog than a week before the person’s website higher.

6) Domain choices learned

Choose a domain name has a lot of knowledge, it is important that as we choose, including keyword domain name, for example, you are a mobile phone enthusiasts on the Internet has a lot on the phone’s remarks, that a mobile phone or a domain name that contains the keyword very suitable for you to build site.

Secondly, if the domain name has been registered before look. If you have a high quality site before and it did external links, you are benefited; but there are external links may do some bad quality of the site, you may be search engine friendly for some time.

7) Write articles suitable length

Short article cannot get a higher ranking, the general control of each article at least 300 words. On the other hand, do not let the article seemed too long; because it will not help you keep keyword density, the article looks compact missing. Studies have shown that long article will drastically reduce the number of readers, at first glance, when they chose to shut down the article.

8) Submitted to the search engine

If you do all of the stations are doing SEO, website still does not appear in the search engines. That is because the search engine has not started included, each search engine allows users to submit sites not included this project in general have to wait 3-5 days.

Here is the site of several search engines login page, where you can put links to your site submitted to search engines.

Baidu: http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.htm

Google: http://www.google.cn/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html

Bing: http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url

Netease – proper way: http: //tellbot.youdao.com/report

Finally, we should note that search engine optimization is a long-term basis through exploration, observation was out of technology and experience, the use of search engine rules admissions website, while the overall structure of the site, site layout, keyword distribution and density optimization, make your site search engine friendly crawl there, so search engine optimization to reach the site to improve ranking results. As the search engine rankings rules and algorithms are constantly changing, and these rules and algorithms is a trade secret, it is impossible to achieve in a few rows to ensure the effect.