Get Index Blog Post Fast in Google – How to

Make the most of process, here’s what I say, I think everyone knows , clear thinking – Like a knife as a crystal , as soon as word index your blog post fast in Google within 5 minutes . Indexed basically a blog or blog invoked by brand and Google Page Rank , which is a new blog or a blog post on Google indexes not fast. But you can use this method, I want to say here, but one thing I can not believe – believe in a job , not a word .

Of course, it takes about the Google robot to the latest content or Google index tracking your blog . Track all the time Blog Google bot status and content of the blog – I had a victim. Ok, I ‘m not saying here is : what reasons Google bot crawl your site or the information collected by Google robot . But you have to do under to introduce new blogger or the latest content presentation below to my blog :

how to index blog post

For the first website creation

  • Create a sitemap for your basic blog , if your blog is based CMS can Google XML Sitemap to use that will help you create and update automatically you submitted a sitemap plugin and submit it to the search engine Google. Before you submit your site to Google XML Sitemap Generator.
  • If you are new to Blogger or your sitemap submitted to Google Webmaster Tools , so that the first add your new website or blog Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster after full review and then to your site digital > Sitemaps his desk and add your site link to click on the Add / Test Site button . And an account with submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Submit your site in Google RSS burners, Google is a power management tool RSS. RSS management tool for your place every index quickly and aware of your blog and participating users. You need to take pictures with the same gmail email account.

How to Index Blog Post Fast in Google

  • If you created the account on , Facebook , Twitter , StumbleUpon , Tumblr , Reddit , Delicious , LinkedIn , FriendFeed RSS , Yahoo and Google Sites , so you do not waste a minute. Live a new post on your blog, it has all these social media sites . After you post your links to copy your link and paste the Google search engine , and then see what happens. And you need indexing Kings Farm Ping Ping Tools to use for the most recent content .
  • Domain Authority is important for your blog or site if your domain authority is high , so that your articles easily classified into the Google search engine . So you need to do to improve your domain authority by the high backlinks blogging branding DA . But how do you do? You should receive a high level DA Blog a service pack hat on white. Build link building Otherwise, you can easily get through their blog , here I was an infographic on how to boost your domain authority over the links of social profiles ( blog index and the managing authority of the creation of social media ) .

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The result:

If you are afraid of using this method, so let me know your valuable comments below comment box – share your opinion about my method on how to index blog post fast in Google search engine.

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