Google Personalized Search Lead

A few days ago, Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google’s beauty accepted the media interview, she talked about in the interview, and the future lies in personalized search engine. Outbreak information online every day has exceeded our acceptable range, only varies personalized search to help users find the information you need.

Search is undoubtedly an important means to help us filter content from the ocean of information, if the search engines can sense the user’s intention, then you can search within a specific range. This is the reason why customized personalized search. It is also a means to help users get the data. Mayer said that in the future, Google will know more about the user, and can provide more relevant information based on their knowledge. She said, “We believe that the 2020 winner of the search engines may be more understanding of its users.” This means that the search engine will provide users with more relevant results.

Google is now looking at in this way, for example, by the user’s location and the last time they search results to understand the user. She said that you are searching for content, and you skipped content that can help you get more out of the result set. Mayer that “even now we do not know – what is the main determinant of the future of personalized search”, “But we conclude that personalized search will certainly become an important part of the future of search engines.”

google personalized search lead

Currently Google Voice on the iPhone released a search function, this function uses the user’s language to complete a search, this mode is not just interactive search engine so simple, it offers the best of the best match results, including websites, video, text, etc. and so on. To some extent, according to the type you require Google to provide results, but in the future; you do not say you search for image; blog, or video, search engines will automatically give the results you want.

Meanwhile, the facial recognition technology is still not perfect, and cannot easily identify a person by video. 100,000 individuals may be able to properly identify, but if the number increased to 100 million people, it would be much more difficult to identify, because the chances of the person looks like there will be a large number. Mayer said Google in the future there may be mixed facial recognition and audio search, in order to complete the required contents of personalized search. But privacy issues Google is still a big problem to face.