google personalized search lead

Google Personalized Search Lead

A few days ago, Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google’s beauty accepted the media interview, she talked about in the interview, and the future lies in personalized search engine. Outbreak information online every day has exceeded our acceptable range, only varies personalized search to help users find the information you need. Search is undoubtedly an important means to help us

seo is dead

Whether SEO is still important ?

We have all heard “SEO is dead” alarmist, uninformed, and countless link bait article (sarcasm). But there is no truth is? Although it seems likely completely different, even compared to a year ago, search engine optimization, I firmly believe that search engine optimization is not only alive, but thriving. Here’s why: Some SEO is dead Many tactics have fallen under

What is the Google Blog Search

What is the Google Blog Search ?

What is a “blog search”? “Blog search” Google search technology is a service provided for blog content. Google fully believe in a personal blog authoring and publishing trends represented. We hope that through the “blog search” to help users more effectively explore the blog world, so as to stimulate more people to join this trend. Whether you are looking for

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