Comon SEO mistakes

Where to Avoid Common SEO mistakes

SEO where to start in a detailed discussion of the major tasks and SEO techniques need to know and prepare for work, and then start from the structure and content of the site website SEO optimization, project management with a reasonable approach, and reasonable steps in accordance with SEO , but also for the optimization of keyword analysis and selection,

google personalized search lead

Google Personalized Search Lead

A few days ago, Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google’s beauty accepted the media interview, she talked about in the interview, and the future lies in personalized search engine. Outbreak information online every day has exceeded our acceptable range, only varies personalized search to help users find the information you need. Search is undoubtedly an important means to help us

seoer capacities

They need to have Seven SEOer Capacities

Do SEO threshold is not very high, through the Internet to find the information you have a basic understanding of a few days SEO steps, but can be handy, productive stage, you need to have the following seven major capabilities: 1) To be familiar with web code (HTML, JS, etc.) Familiar with HTML page code to write (which contains the

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