Blog comments made by a smart Blogger

Blog relative to the professional website easier to manage some, because many have ready-made templates. Although the optimization rules similar, but the blog is more freedom. Open blog to make money conscious people are not so strong, at least not to the point where on the site to support the family. Although the blog optimization is relatively simple, but “Dreams of all knowledge,” So, get a large flow is a skill through small details. Here, the author comments on how to blog to attract traffic to make a few suggestions:

1) Using own blog comments.

Your blog update frequency normal, Bowen enough new attractive enough, it will attract people to come to comment. SEO these people’s comments in praise, demeaning, there are factual. For such comments, not impatient gas impatient. For praise, thanks; right to belittle, to argue, but not rude, foul talk, easily affect blogger’s image and losing fans. No matter which method is used, you should reply to the comment. Reply comments will help the exchange, but also helps to encourage fans to continue to the next message, improve user viscosity.

2) To other people blog comment.

Since someone to your blog comments, then reciprocity, bloggers should also visit other people’s blog. On the one hand, you can make friends on the other hand, you can comment in the outer chain to attract search engine spiders. Others will follow you posted a link to visit your blog. Write a review there are tips:

Smart Blogger

(1) To find the correct object.

Bowen you are looking for and your site should have some relevance. Between the website and a link only is possible presence of visits.

(2) How to write.

Your comment may be a blogger content article appreciated. Nobody does not like to listen to the words of praise. So, moderate praised conducive blogger enhance your favor, thus forming a return visit. Comments can also be the opposite from Bowen. You do not agree with the content of blogger expressed, contrary opinions, and then discuss with each other to cause between you and avoid personal attacks on the blogger. Although the rally can give you a little traffic, but the positive energy is always greater than the negative effects of power.

(3) Invisible link.

Your comment may carry the link, but do not need to put a link set too obvious. You cannot set the link at the beginning, after so on and bloggers become friends, and then link setup. Before resorting to force.

(4) Insisted.

Many things have perseverance. Blog exchange is a long-term interaction, if you visit the blog at varying degrees every day, just to send the link and review blog, then your comment will be largely blogger deleted.

So, since it is “human sophistication that article,” it should be “human” in the start, step by step, the blog traffic upgraded.