5 Social Media Mistakes Will Lose Your Customers Every Day

A private social media success does not mean that these experiences are copied to operate an enterprise social media, will be successful. Because the two are completely different demands. For the purposes of personal social media accounts, you will get a lot of “likes” because you posted some lovely photos of pets, or wearing a bikini photo, but if you use them for business social media to attract business, might be counterproductive.

Speaking of social media, companies will commit many errors; John Boitnott recently shared some of the largest enterprises in the social media mistakes committed.

1) What is Social media policy?

If you want to use social media business, you need to put a written policy, and your employees have accepted. According to social media strategist, identify the Brandon Harig’s view, “for how employees should conduct online behavior, the company failed to provide guidelines for businesses, is in the face of a ticking time bomb.” This means that even if your business is not social the media, your employees may meet. You need to have a written agreement with them. That’s why you see so many famous companies’ employees in their own micro-blog autobiography, marked “own micro-blog.”

2) Thought nobody read Introduction

This leads us to recognize how many companies cannot complete all parts of their social media files. This is lazy, you will lose customers. Many people read your profile to learn more about you. In addition, these can be a good introduction SEO, keyword not available to complete the file, which means you are pushed out of a potential higher ranking. Google+ now become an Internet Yellow Pages, you have to determine your business profile as complete as possible. Social media expert Tyler Brown believes that “Be sure to include your specific address, URL, and rely space, few companies know the history and mission of the picture now.”

social media mistakes

3) More concerned about quantity, not quality

Turning your fans and followers, quality is better than quantity. But it is human nature not think so. According to Dave Hawley SocialChorus’s senior director of marketing said, “Some companies will do something to get more followers, fans or point of praise, from buying followers to hold a fake microblogging hacker.” But that does not bring sales, so it really is a waste of time. Creating an in-depth interactive community and most powerful way to follow is consistently posted compelling content, and long-term interaction with the fans.

4) Ignore feedback

Anything you IDE follower sent to you via social media comments, posts, complaining, direct mail or problems, you should get professional and timely reply, as they give you the same voicemail message. Too many companies fail to recognize that the majority of customers, especially after 80, to look at social media as an effective interactive form, as a carry out of the store is really like a journey. OwnerListens co-founder and CEO Adi Bittan said, “Whether you like it or not, customers are online talking to you and they expect answers, you have to participate in any online discussion about you in there if you cannot put, you are missed a valuable opportunity to shape your image when you can build your own image when let other people to shape your reputation.”

5) Not post messages

If you cannot regularly posted posts, you will have the risk of losing the audience. Once a week will not reduce the audience: Many experts recommend some way: in the range of three times a week to three times in a day, or even greater frequency. Some companies like to stick one morning, noon posted once. Some publishers will one day be posted many times, it’s because they have a lot of content to share. No matter what way you choose for the company, of course, depends on your followers and their arrangements. You also need to investigate, for your industry and your audience, what is the best release time, so that you can most effectively do the job.

Finally, a good idea is to hire a social media experience, rather than do it yourself. The truth is that your business needs to keep on a variety of social networking online, interact with followers, or maintain a blog, so this work will be bigger than you think. You can search for a social media manager and community manager combo. No matter who you hire, you need to plan and discipline, and creativity. In using these platforms for personal and professional goals, is a different world. One wrong move will make your losses.

A variety of social media platforms are now more and more, how to make better use of different social platforms, is worthy of study. As people on social media more and more time, the younger generation basically this dependence, then the marketing policy and audience services, you need to advance with the times. Do not neglect cautious whom.