16 Image Optimization Techniques for SEO Beginners

Image optimization is one of the most important sections the site search engine optimization. Image site’s SEO optimization will not only bring more additional traffic, but also to give visitors a better user experience. This paper summarizes the image optimization techniques to note 16 (sixteen).

1) Keywords in image alt tags (replacement text), this is the picture of SEO the most important point.

2) Standard picture embed code should contain five key tag: src, width, height, alt and title. Replace text (alt) in order to give those who cannot see the images in your document viewer provide text. Title is a description and additional supplements on the picture, if you need a mouse appear after pictures should be used when text prompts property title. General alt tag is the key.

3) To take a picture of your descriptive contain your target keywords filename. If you have a picture is about the cute parrot, then you should use a file name such as parrot.jpg descriptive in nature, rather than just using t123.jpg such code names, of course, can make the picture file name ALT tags inside the same or consistent content. Do not casually use such names img1234.jpg, but should describe more clearly with the name of cute-parrot.jpg.

4) Images and web pages where the content must be relevant: website visitors to browse pictures are not the first thing, but it will make visitors stay longer on the page some time. (According to the findings eye tracking, browsing the web text takes precedence over pictures, but look at the printed article, people will look at the pictures. Although people will look at when looking at the page text on the page, but the pictures make them dwell time pages longer and have a more profound impression)

5) Around the image to add relevant information. If you use the Google search image will be difficult to find in each picture there will be a descriptive text under which the keywords are in bold. Google Image Search to determine the contents of the picture on the analysis page picture by nearby text, pictures and many other elements of the title. So around the image to add descriptive information containing the keyword will be able to optimize the website pictures ranking in search engines.

16 Image Optimization Techniques for SEO Beginners

6) Links pointing to the picture you want to include keywords.

Use hyperlinks to open the picture, then the names of hyperlinks keywords should contain pictures, for example, you want to link an adorable parrot picture, it should not use the “Click for full size” and link text, but should try to use words such as “Named in the form of cute parrot “of the class.

7) Use Tag for pictures marked with labels. When using sort of like flicker photo storage service, the best for the picture plus tag.

8) To ensure that pictures can be crawled search engines. Set site’s robots.txt file to ensure that the image file can be searched spiders crawl. Remember not to use javascript links to image files. If you do so, the search engine is unable to retrieve your pictures document.

9) Are not necessary to optimize all the pictures on your site. For example, the template used in the picture, navigation in the picture as well as the background image, and so on, we do not add ALT tags for these pictures; we can put these images in a separate folder. And by setting the robots.txt file to block spiders crawl these pictures.

You can set all the spiders are crawling blocked these pictures:

  • User-agent: *
  • Disallow: / Images
  • You can only prevent Google Image Search spiders crawl:
  • User-agent: Googlebot-Image
  • Disallow: / Images

10) Avoid duplicate pictures. For example, a picture on your website, there are three forms: the smaller size of the picture, a medium-sized picture, the larger the size of the pictures. So, do not let this three pictures have been indexed. The best way to handle this situation is to use the robots.txt file tells spiders not to crawl pictures you do not want to be indexed version.

11) Images of each page number as less.

12) Note that the size of the image to fit the search engines, such as your link is a wallpaper, wallpaper size so they should meet specifications. Because Google, Baidu and other image search are available to search based on the image size?

13) Frequently updated picture. If your pictures are not changed for a long time (image size, image file size, picture position and picture names do not change), its ranking may be reduced, because the search engines will suspect the picture content is outdated.

14) Using Google Webmaster enhanced image search function. Enable enhanced image search feature, Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler your site contains images associated with the label in order to optimize these images indexed and improve search quality.

15) Pictures stolen is a question difficult to avoid. We can add some text on each picture, such as “photo by seo.vecn.com”, “image by seo.vecn.com” and so on. Although not completely eliminate the theft, but at least someone wants to use your pictures have to take the time to re-edit it.

16) Check Indexed search engine image search index picture. In order to check the picture on the website optimization method is successful, the need to monitor the search engine of the site included a picture rate. Method is http://images.google.cn/ search bar enter (you will need to replace seo.vecn.com query domain name). Other search engines also have this feature.