11 Foreign Email Marketing Tips

Foreign Email marketing is one of most powerful way that you can increase your products sales by only one message, but how to do that!!!

Thinking a thought !!! how to do foreign email marketing ???

Lets read 11 email marketing tips.

(1) Development letter sent after the customer did not echo a reminder!

Dear (clients),

Sorry to trouble you again!

Please find my mail below. Could you please kindly check by return today? Because we’ll be on holiday from May.1st to 3rd.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


First written it mildly, the last time you wrote to his mail at the bottom. If he did not reply, then re-send it again, top with red or bold uppercase “RE-SEND !!!” if still no news, they call it ~

(2) Meet customer wrote a letter on the development

Hi Alex,

How are you doing? Glad to get your name card from HK fair.

This is Sandy from (from). We specialized in parking sensor system and all our products with CE / FCC / FCCID approved!

Regarding the FUN MINI DVR you’re selected on the fair, please find the details with best offer in attachment.

Hope to get good news from you! Thanks.

Best regards,Foreign Email marketing


Sales assistant

Sandy, I would say that your situation is not the same and other friends. You get the business card passing people at the show, and guests who are interested in a certain product, then that would be a pretty good chance! As long as you grasp the turnover possibility is great! In this case, you have a special election to be marked out his stuff at the show, but also take the initiative to provide detailed information and pricing, it is vital!

Guests busy, he may show up a lot in Hong Kong counterparts there, ask the same product, he will receive many, many e-mail, I’m afraid did not reply or empty the initiative to contact you, so you must take the initiative to provide complete information and good price, and then follow up, to win his trust! If you like what you just did, and asked if he was interested, are interested in the details you give him, guests will feel bored and think how you need to push to move about, to learn to take the initiative to do business guests with a wink, you To be able to complete three or four movements. Guests ask you the price, you cannot even detailed parameters of the size of the packaging materials be provided.

Guests ask your manual, you cannot even design draft and texts are complete and correct to give him a reference. Guests need to box, you not only gave him the picture, there are the exact dimensions of the die cutter map, and even the other guests in the box can be designed to give him a reference. You say, guests are not being very impressed with you?

(3) Send samples freight let each other out (to pay) a euphemism mail

Hi (clients),

Thank you so much for your kind reply!

Sure, samples will be prepared soon. Could you please give me your courier account? Such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc. Each one is ok. I’ll inform you the tracking number after parcel picked!

Please contact me if further questions. Thank you!

Kind regards,


(4) Customer price too high, your reply

Policy: Let him know that you have not reported high price, not the people a say cheaper, you whiz at less than half the price to the people, but to change product specifications, such as packaged by the good times of change, change the length of the short points, weight To less, or power low.

Dear Kelvin,

Thank you so much for your kind mail!

Sure, our models with top quality, and think all of them meet the quality level in your local market! If the price is not suitable in your price range, could you please accept to do a little change? The price will be reduced 3%. That is, EUR2.13 / pc.

Please do not worry about the quality. Price is important, but quality counts for much more!

Here is just a little change, the original length of the flashlight is 102mm, and now we just make it short, 89mm instead! And then, the total cost will be reduced 3% because of the material saved!

All the luminosity and the body look the same! I think it’s workable for both of us. Any comments?

Best regards,


(5) Made no reply after PI customers, reminders!

Hi (clients),

Sorry to trouble you again!

Regarding the PI dated on (date), could you please sign and confirm by return asap? Because we need plenty of time for arranging mass production!

It’s a long time since I have got your reply last time. How is everything going on? If anything changed, please keep me posted!

Thanks and best regards,


(6) Sent a sample, and feel customers should be satisfied, but he did not reply, then you can send this e-mail:

Dear (clients),

Sorry to trouble you again!

Regarding the project we discussed last time, could you please confirm by return today? Because we need plenty of time for mass production. P / I will be sent to you asap after your confirmation.

If anything changed, please keep me posted! Thank you!

Best regards,


Or simply Edition

Dear (clients),

What about the final decision about our samples? We need your comments to go ahead!

Thank you!

Kind regards,


(Company) Co. Ltd.

Tel: (telephone)

Fax: (fax)

Mail: (mail)

Web: (website)

(7) Guests bargain reply message when Doom

Then all of a sudden you cannot give people the reserve price, the number of purchases can be used to give him a little break, so even if the price is low, the number also came up points.

Dear Sir,

Please find the re-checking the price as follows:

1) Super grade, USD (amount), give you a special discount of 2%

2) A grade, USD (amount), similar as super grade, but price much more competitive.

Hope we can deal. Thank you!



(8) Your customers are brokers, etc. After he needs to respond to its customers contact you again, send e-mail to let brokers when nothing Do not you forget the customer.

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your prompt reply!

Please keep me posted for further details.

Kind regards,


(9) Customers to come to China to see you plant it! Do not forget to send e-mail to confirm each other excitedly Contact Yeah!

Hi (clients),

I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be in China soon, and hope to have a face-to-face meeting with you!!!

Could you please give me your time schedule and cell phone number? We’ll arrange to pick you up from the airport!

My cell phone is ***. Please call me if any questions. Thank you!

Kind regards,


(10) Customers give you the price too low, do not, and give him the option plan.

Dear kelvin,

Thank you for your kind mail! But unfortunately, this price also unworkable for us.

I sincerely hope to have business with you, please realize our position 2 suggestions as below:

1) Everything keep the same, EUR2.45 / pc, C & F air Stockholm

2) Everything keep the same, EUR2.60 / pc, with 3 * AAA battery, C & F air Stockholm

Comments please. Thank you!



(11) Customers clear to you that he is under orders to others, and then send the letter to thank about it, business is not a friendship at Ha!

Hi (clients),

Thank you soooooo much for your kind mail! I appreciate!

We sincerely hope to find a way to cooperate with you! If your customer would like to place the order to another vendor, that’s ok! But if you have another chance in the near future, please keep me posted! It’s my pleasure to be on service of you!

By the way, will you plan to visit China soon? I really hope to have a face-to-face meeting with you!

Take care! Hope everything goes well!

Thanks and best regards.